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In traditional web development you will find someone you think looks reasonably capable of building your site. You will then pay them an upfront fee, often involving a deposit to build your site. Once they have done that you are essentially on your own again and will need to pay more money to maintain or make changes to the site

We believe there are alot of risks associated with the traditional web development model.

Firstly, who knows if your website is even going to generate value for you business? You won't be able to test this without having to fork out a hefty upfront fee to have the site built

Secondly, your web designer isn't incentivised to make your business work. They are incentivised to build you site and move on as quickly as possible

Lastly, this doesn't allow to approach the problem of creating a website for your business in a very agile way where you can iteratively learn what works and adjust your strategy to optimise the money you are spending on your online presence.

We have turned all of this on its head

Our team of designers will build a beta version of your website upfront for absolutely no cost. If you feel it has potential, we will iterate it a few times until it becomes something you feel comfortable to launch.

At that point we will take the site live and all you need to do is you pay R200 month to month to keep the site running. If the site stops working for you just stop paying. If we have done our job well and built you a professional and well designed website - it should be generating more than the R200 monthly cost of running it. Ie: It should be profitable and paying for itself.

The Benefits for you as a Customer

You have a team of experienced and passionate web designers well incentivised to create a site that generates value for you business. We are only going to be paid if you site continues to generate more value than it costs

You don't need to spend any time learning the intricate details of web development. Its all taken care of 100%

You know for sure that your website is going to be a profitable initiative. You don't need to pay any money unless you see it is making you money

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When it comes to web development we have two options available

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Upfront Dev Costs. Upon launch the site owner is responsible for Hosting, Updating and Maintaining the site.

  • Payment plan:
    30% Deposit at Start
    30% at Final Draft
    40% at Launch
  • Once the site is developed the month to month costs of hosting it will vary. Detailed options can be outlined by a sales consultant
  • Hourly rate of R600 for all support work done after site launch
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Pay As You Go

Your Website is supplied as a service. We are paid a monthly fee to keep your site looking great and ensure that its working for you. All hosting and maintenance is taken care of by the upDawg Web Design

  • Free upfront development of the site
  • Month to Month cost to keep the site running. No contracts required. If you are unhappy with the value derived from the site simply stop paying. If you don't pay for the site by the 5th of the month the site will be down for that month.
  • We are well incentivised to keep your site up to date and delivering value for your business


The particular pricing will depend on your requirements. The four categories below serve as a guide but we would recommend you get in touch with one of our sales agents to understand what we can do for you.

082 998 7122


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A one page quick and easy display of your business. Tell the world who you are and what you can do for them.

  • Traditional: R2400
  • Pay As You Go: R200 per month
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Business Brochure

A more detailed breakdown of you business. Multiple pages and description of your products and value offerings

  • Traditional: R2400 for the first page and R100 for every subsequent page
  • Pay As You Go: R200 for the first page + R10 for every subsequent page per month
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Content Management System

Quality content management website in which you can create your own content and update it regularly to share with your clients. Great for photographers, writers and other creative businesses

  • Traditional: R6000
  • Pay As You Go: R400 per month
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Fully functional e-commerce website complete with backend product and order management. Integrates with South Africa's PayFast gateway. Full CRM functionality and abilty to manage mailing lists.

  • Traditional: R9000
  • Pay As You Go: Revenue Sharing Model


upDawg is the easiest way to establish a professional online presence for your new endeavour.

We build your site upfront at no intial cost and charge you R200 per month to keep it up and running. There is zero risk for you... if the site isn't working for you you can simply cancel on a month to month basis. We are incentivised to make sure that your website is worth your while... all you need to give us is the basic content of your site. What you do and what you are about and we will take care of the rest.

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These are some websites we have designed and built. Please click on the links below to view the live sites.


Brochure Website for International Private School

Regent Hill International School is co-educational multicultural english medium private international school which strives to provide a unique type of educational experience


Information website for Doctor's clinic

Sanridge medical center is a doctor's clinic based in Midrand, Johannesburg. This is a informational website that outlines the services and professional's practicing at San Ridge as well as their telemedicine offering


Clean Crisp Portfolio

This site is simple and effective. The main purpose is to display as many pictures of previous projects as possible and give potential customers a view into what Daystar could build for them.


Professional Resume Website

This is a simple resume site that lists education and previous work experience. Its an effective way to stand out from the crowd and ensure that the latest Google search for your name brings up something and impressive


Community Website

The Bahai Faith is a world embracing religion that believes in the Oneness of God and the Oneness of Humanity. The Bahai's of Joburg is one example of thousands of communities across the globe


Portray Information

Prologue consulting is a B2B specialising in recruitment and contracting. Their site needed to convey alot of information in a clear and easy to consume format to convince HR professionals of Prologue's abilities to solve recruitment issues

“You shouldn't do things differently just because they're different. They need to be... better.”

Elon Musk

We are trying to create a better option for small businesses to get websites! Click the link below for a free quote!

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